New Mothers

Therapy is a healthy and beneficial addition to any lifestyle, but it can be especially helpful for expecting or new mothers experiencing a change in their bodies and their lives. The sudden and drastic shift in schedule and lifestyle can be overwhelming and emotional, and an active support system, like friends and family, can help ease the transition. However, it can be challenging to share the messy realities of parenthood with those close to us, especially in the age of perceived perfection on social media and the shame associated with not attaining these unrealistic goals.

Whether dealing with postpartum depression, general anxiety, or the everyday stressors that come with parenthood, I can help you find healthy and useful coping strategies for mindfulness, self-compassion, and self-care. As an Accredited Triple P Practitioner, I can help new moms learn the proven, evidence-based approach to dealing with problematic behaviors and interacting with children.

My clients find it especially helpful to utilize the non-traditional, in-home services, which can include going for a walk in the neighborhood, talking at the park, or chatting over the phone. It can be difficult to find childcare and inconvenient to drive to a therapist’s office. It's often more comfortable for people to open up when they are in a familiar location. I’m happy to provide several different options to ensure my clients receive treatment comfortably and conveniently.

Contact me to discuss the counseling options available to new or expecting mothers.

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Photo: Jeremiah McDaniel Photography

Photo: Jeremiah McDaniel Photography